Matilda Ahlberg, Sweden
The designer of bpmRunner

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I am Matilda and I live in Sweden in North Europe. One of my interests is running and listening to music that has exactly the same tempo as the speed I am run in.

I searched iStore for an app that could solve the problem, but could not find any app that could do this. So, I decided to develop my own app, which would solve this problem! After some searching for a company that would develop the app, the choice fell on the Russian company Softage. I was able to achieve my personal goal but also help other runners too!
After having downloaded the software, run the plug-in software in iTunes, to calculate the BPM of all the songs you have in your music library. Once this is complete, start your bpmRunner in your iPhone. In the settings you can set it to be exactly the same tempo of the song that you listen to and rate as you run in, or if you want the song to have a few percent faster BPM, for you to increase speed. You can also set how the songs should be mixed and more.

The app is completely FREE of charge to use and you are welcome to send an email with suggestions for improvements.

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